We have a “Pack it in, Pack it out” policy on trash. Do not leave your trash behind, take it with you. This helps keep down festival costs and helps protect the environment.

Do not throw your cigarette butts or bottle tops on the ground. We have small children that run around, we don’t want them putting these things in their mouths are stepping on them. Also the dancers at the Fire don’t need to be stepping on them as well and a lot of them dance barefoot.


We allow RVs but RV parking should be consulted with a festival or land representative. Our land is sand and large vehicles tend to sink. If your RV gets stuck and we can’t pull it out, a wrecker will be called at your expense. We do have designated areas for the RVs where the likelihood of this happening is min. So if you need to bring one out, let us know ahead of time, so we can have you a safe spot.

We do not have power hook ups for RVs at this time. We are working on this and will be putting a few in once we get electricity to the back of the property. Till then, we ask that no generators be ran during rituals, nearby workshops, or after 9pm. If you need power and water, Joy Gerace has a few on the Dragonz Wylde property not far from our entrance.


We have some already cleared sites, some are private camps of those that are coming out and working on the land, some will be rented camp spaces. These will be marked. There will also be some cleared spaces for use, but if you find a spot that isn’t cleared, that you just can’t stand not to camp in, we ask that you get permission from our staff first before you do any clearing. Clearing of new campsites is not usually done during an event. This is done at 2nd and 4th Sat gatherings as well as work weekends the month of the main gatherings.

We require that you be respectful of the environment when clearing for new campsites. Any tree that is at least 16′ around, is not to be cut down with out a really good reason. Check with a staff member if in doubt. Cut brush is to be hauled out to be either burned or mulched.

No parking in campsites, there is a designated parking area. If you have to camp in your car, ask for a designated area to do so in. We will have a few areas that will be for car camping.

When we get it, Power use on the land is restricted to staff and those it is provided for. Not all camps have or will be provided electricity. If you have a medical need for electric, let our staff know and we will help you find a spot that where it can be provided.

There are some established camps and altars, Most are marked in some way.  “Please, be respectful of these campsites and altars, and do not try to take them over or mess with any of the objects.”

Also be respectful of others camping space. Other people’s tents and camps are just like their home for the gatherings. Honor their privacy. Ask before entering their space, just as you would knock on someone’s door before coming into their house. If you are in someone else’s camp, ask before throwing cigarette butts or other trash into their fire pit. Each camp has it’s own rules, when in someone’s camp, follow their rules. Some Camps have an open door policy others do not.


Campfires in new camps should be only dug and operated with permission and basic safety rules applied. There should be no campfires unattended, and none underneath a canopy of trees. All campfires have to be approved, before being dug. If there is a fire ban, there will be no fires allowed in the camps. Also, no cans, plastic or glass is to be put in any fire pit on the land.


No pets, we would rather not bring confrontations to the table during a gathering. The only exceptions are service animals. Their shots have to be up to date. They must be on a leash or in a kennel. If your service animal is found loose or causes a problem, you may be asked to remove it from the property.


Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Even though we provide activities and a play area for the children, the parents are still responsible for them. We do not do daycare. Children under 18 are recommended to be in their camps by 10. Any at the main fire after that must have a parent or guardian with them.

Clothing Optional

We ARE NOT clothing optional. You must have your groin area covered in public areas. Topless is acceptable.

Felony drug use of any kind is prohibited.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment is NOT tolerated. If someone says NO, do NOT assume it is a maybe.

“No means No.”

Don’t forget that women are not the only victims of sexual harassment. Men can be Sexually Harassed as well and ladies, Men have the right to say No as well. If someone has been drinking too much, err on the better side, take them to their tent and say goodnight. If they can’t remember saying Yes, then the answer should have been a No. Always make sure your partner is at least 18 or older.  If you have a problem with someone, Report it to our Staff IMMEDIATELY. We cannot do anything about it if we don’t know about it when it happens , this way we can keep it from happening to others as well. Don’t wait till the next gathering to tell us.

Medical Emergencies

We have a Basic First Aid only staff. If a medical emergency arises, we will call 911 at your cost. If you have a medical issue that requires electricity, please let us know in advance so we can accommodate you.  If you need medications, bring your own. We do not administer meds.

There will be staff wearing badges. If there are any problems, these people are authorized to make decisions, or know who can make decisions.
Any kind of behavioral mishap, or violation of respect and rules, will result in immediate removal from the land and at the festival.

Main Fire (Hearth Fyre) after hours

We ask that minors not be at the main fire after 10pm but be in their campsites. Exception is if a parent is with them, and understands the natures of the activities that can happen at the fire at these times.

This just means that minors not be at the main fire, but in their camps. Does not mean that they have to be in their tent. Personal camps have there own rules and when in those camps you should abide by their rules, as you would someone’s home.