Earth Spirit People of Texas, Inc.


Our founding Principles and Philosophies…

“Our Temple is Nature, We are a Spiritual People”

We come from many backgrounds. We are Pagans, Buddhists, and Native American, Christian, Wiccan and many other diverse paths and traditions. We have several formal gatherings a year where earth based and other rituals are performed by the diverse members of our organization. Each ritual is celebrated and designed with the goal of honoring our Earth in all her forms as Mother and our Father Gods, our ancestors, and those elemental spirits who walked this land long before us mortals and the Spirits who guide our steps in ways unseen, but not unfelt. When we come together at gatherings, we share our energies, love for Goddess and God, and all that this Universe encompasses.

When we come to festival, we leave our day-to-day mundane cares behind us, and return to the gentler days of man’s past, communing with our roots in reverence for the Earth. Come to share, come to learn to commune with nature, pray, party, and become transformed by the magick we all create when we come together as friends and equals in love, and with love for our land in our hearts.

 We welcome all facets of the lgbtq+ community and people from all races to our organization.

“Nature is the Mirror of Perfection”

Earth Spirit People is about learning with others…

We are a Gathering of the Tribes

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Sub groups: Women of ESPOT, ESPOT Men