Frequently Asked Questions

*Do I have to have a membership to attend ESPOT events?

       Yes, but Membership is included in the ticket price.

*Is there a Day pass available for the Festivals?

      Yes, you can purchase a day pass for Saturday of festival

*What is the Trash disposal policy?

      We have a pack it in, pack it out policy. You are responsible for taking your own trash and disposing of it. Do not leave it in your camping area.

*Do we have to stop Drumming at any set time?

       No, you can drum all night and day if you want to. We encourage it!!!! We love our drummers!!!!

*Can I camp in my car?

       Yes, but it will have to be in a designed parking area.

*Are the events clothing optional?

        No. We are Family friendly and as such the main areas are not clothing optional.  We do have a clothing optional area, at this time, that is up at Aphrodite’s Temple.

*Are Kids allowed to attend?

       Yes, we encourage families to come to the events. The children are our future and to help parents to be able to bring their children, children 17 and under are free. They do have to have an adult guardian with them.

*Are there activities for the Children?

       Yes, we have a playground area and several scheduled activities/workshops for the children.

*Does ESPOT provide child care at the event?

         NO, the PARENTS are responsible for their children.

*What do I do if someone is Harassing me?

       We have several staff members available….just look for someone with a badge and report it. If you cannot find one, please ask someone to help you find one, someone is ALWAYS willing to help look for a staff member.

*What is your illegal drug policy?

       Felony drug use of any kind is prohibited. 

*How will I know who to talk to about questions or problems at the gatherings?

        Most staff members will have badges. Just stop one of them and they will be glad to help. You can also find someone at the check-in station that can help you or look for one of the golf carts (the Land Dragon and Land Beast)

*Can my 17 year old come to a gathering without me?

          No, all minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

*Can I bring my pet?

       No, we would rather not bring confrontations to the table during a festival. Exceptions are trained service animals: These must be on a leash or in a kennel. NO loose animals. If your service animal is found loose, you will be asked to remove them from the grounds. If there is a problem or issue with your animal, you may be asked to remove it from the grounds or confine it to your camp..

*What are the amenities on the land?

      There is water available at Faerie Lounge, the Flushies and Aphrodite’s Temple, as well as hand washing stations at the flushies .  There are shower stalls are setup near the entrance of the land and a cold-water shower by Aphrodite’s Temple. There are some individual campsites that have showers set up during gatherings that may be willing to share that may ask for donations for propane and water usage. One of these is Acacia’s Family camp, located to the left of the main entrance.

Power outlets have been installed in a few locations for use in running equipment/lighting for performers, vendors, and workshops only. Power use on the land is restricted to staff and those it is provided for. Do not plug into one with out permission as you may overload the circuit. If you have a medical issue and need it for that, let us know..

*Where can I camp?

        There is plenty of space for camping under the canopy of trees along the trails. We would like people to be aware, that there are a few private camps and altars made by regular members and family. Please, be respectful of these campsites and altars, and do not try to take them over or mess with any of the objects. There are usually folks that are willing to help with finding an open campsite.

*Are Rv’s allowed?

       Yes, but there are only a few RV hook-ups, and designated spaces for RV parking. RV parking should be consulted with a festival or land representative. We ask that no generators be ran during rituals, nearby workshops, or after 9pm.

*What if I want a campfire in my camp?

        All campfires have to be approved, before being dug, you may come out for work weekends to work on your campsite. Campfires in new camps should be only dug and operated with permission and basic safety rules applied. There should be no campfires unattended, and none underneath a canopy of trees.

*What if I have a medical emergency?

        Do be aware that our Staff is limited in what they can do, Basic First Aid only and if a medical emergency arises, we will call 911 at your cost.

If you have a medical issue that requires electricity, please let us know in advance so we can accommodate you.  If you need medications, bring your own. We do not administer meds.

*What if my car gets stuck in the sand?

        We call these Sand Worm areas. First we WILL laugh at you! Then we will do our best to help you get it unstuck, but if a wrecker has to be called, the cost is yours, so stay on the roads and in designed areas. Remember it is sand, take precautions. Then once you are unstuck, you may have a hole named after you (ie: Cody’s Hole at the back of the property)

*I bought my ticket on line, but did not receive a confirmation from you?

Since these are done through PayPal, PayPal normally sends out a payment confirmation. We do not normally send one out because of that. If you need to know that the purchase went through, just email us at [email protected], and we will confirm the purchase. We compile a list from the PayPal account for the gate and those that have paid will be on it. If a question comes up at the gate, we will pull up the account and double check it there.