April 21-14

May Games

May Games for the choosing of the May Queen and King. This is several competitions where the winners’ names are put in a drawing to see who is chosen. We have 3 categories so that all ages can compete. Adults 18 and up, Teens 13-17, Littles 12 and younger. We give crowns for the winners of each category that the individuals get to keep. The May Queen and King not only get a crown, but also get tickets to the next Samhain Festival. They are also asked to lead the Maypole dance and may be part of the Main Ritual.

May Pole

All ages welcome to join in. This is lead by the new May Queen and King.

Saturday Night Potluck

Bring something to add to the potluck as we all enjoy Music by our talented Musicians

Guest Speakers

To be announced as they are confirmed


We are sad to announce that Mama Gina will not be joining us this Beltane, as she broke her arm, but we will have some of her CDs to sale. She has 3 new CD’s.

McMahon and Company have graciously offered to fill in for Mama Gina.

They are thrilled to be returning to the ESPOT’s stage. This spirited ensemble features Gretchen McMahon, her husband, bassist Scott McMahon and her son, percussionist Stephen McMahon. Scott is a recording artist, producer and recording engineer. Stephen is an in demand session player, sound engineer and member of the prestigious Pennsic drum ensemble Harvali. Muti-instrumentalist Gretchen is an award winning Celtic bard, as well as finalist in the KLBJ guitar wars, where she earned the title “High Priestess of Shred”. McMahon and Company have been featured performers at Maryland Faerie Fest, BRPA Beltane in Charlottesville, VA, Mountain Mysteries Mabon, MondoFest, Mountain Mysteries Beltane and BRB Beltane in Buffalo Gap, WV. Their sound encompasses 500 years of music in five minutes, spanning Celtic, Rock and Jazz. See why they are know as the Pagan Partridge Family.

Our Wonderful Stage Manager Ian Sunrise Wolf will be playing for us as well


Encounter With Deity and Spirits with Gretchen McMahon

Gretchen leads this workshop and discussion where she relates her personal encounters with various Deities and Spirits, She reveals different signs and portents that indicate they are near and encourages attendees to share how they have experienced Otherworldly manifestations in their lives.

What Astrology is and How it Works with Andrew Skeen

Astrologers Literally do not Understand what Astrology is or how it works. Andrew will explain the basics of traditional Astrology, starting with the Hellenic elements (as relating to temperament) and progressing through merely the absolute basics of twelve signs, twelve houses, seven plants, and five aspects. Andrew is a professional Horary Astrologer and Astrological Wizard

Workshops from Ruatha pending, but we are sure there will be the usual Morning Tai Chi classes


Opening and Closing Rituals

Kids Ritual: The Ritual of the vanishing Chocolate Bunny

This is a cute ritual involving the eating of easter candies, that helps children learn about ritual. As most of our rituals are open to the children, this ritual is also open to the adults. Just remember the sacrament is mostly for the kids.

Main Ritual


Accepting Vendors now. Please email us at earthspiritpeople@gmail.com with the name of your booth and what you are vending. Vending fee is $10 for a 10×10 space.

Ticket sales are on sale nowon line, through PayPal


Early bird tickets are $40 each.

Starting April 1, online tickets are $50 each.

At the gate Tickets are $60

Children 17 and under are free and must be accompanied by a adult guardian.

Military and Veterans are $40 at the gate.

Anyone wishing to host a workshop or ritual, please contact us at earthspiritpeople@gmail.com.

We will be accepting workshops and rituals till the week before festival.

A time schedule for workshops and rituals will be posted here and we will have a board up at Faerie Lounge. Everything will be updated as we get and confirm them.