All listed events are held at Dragonz Wylde Ranch, 520 Red Rock Ranch Road, Red Rock, TX

Due to the rise in infections of COVID here in Texas, We ask that if you are sick, or been exposed to someone that is sick, within the last 14 day, please don’t attend our events till you are better and the 14 day time period has elapsed.

We also ask you to bring a mask for those times that we are in close proximity of each other, even if you have had the vaccine.

These are all outdoor events, if we are careful, we should be able to continue these safely.

We will check temps and do a COVID assessment on those coming out. If you are running a fever, you will be asked to leave and come back another time.

Work weekends happening.

Last two before festival

Those that wish to help with land maintenance and festival prep are welcome to come out Fri evening and set up camp. If you just want to come out and see the land and hang with us Sat night, that is cool too. Camping is available for those that do this as well. You do not have to be a member to come out, you are a guest of the board for the weekend.

We will be getting ready for our Samhain gathering….there is ritual space setup, stage decoration and the never ending trail maintenance.

ESPOT Samhain 2021 “Celebration of Souls”

Oct 28-31

Guest Speakers:
John Beckett
John Beckett grew up in Tennessee with the woods right outside his back door. Wandering through them gave him a sense of connection to Nature and to a certain Forest God.
John is a Druid in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD), a member of Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF), a member of the Denton Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans, and a former Vice President of CUUPS Continental. He’s been writing, speaking, teaching, and leading public rituals since 2003. His books The Path of Paganism (2017) and Paganism In Depth (2019) are published by Llewellyn Worldwide.
John can be found on his website Under the Ancient Oaks (, on his Patheos blog (, and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
John lives in the Dallas – Fort Worth area and earns his keep as an engineer.

Sara Luna Gonzales
Owner of Texicaña Candles
She is a spirtual healer located in Kyle, Texas offering an array of products and services with a unique spirtual and holistic approach. She is student of Curanderismo, a Mexican and Native American form of medicine used to empower the mind, body and soul. Her online store offers spirtual products, jewelry, tarot readings, Brujeria, Santeria, Hoodoo services and so much more!She is offering us two workshops.


Opening Ritual thurs at 3pm

Memorial Tribute to those that have passed in the Memorial Garden, Fri

Main Ritual Saturday night

Midnight Howling at Dragon’s Glen

Closing Ritual Sunday afternoon

Workshops for adults and children:

Santa Muerte Presentation with Sara

The History of Santa Muerte, Santa Muerte & Catholicism, Santa Muerte Colors & Correspondences. Santa Muerte & Astrology, Altar Preparation, The Spiritual Prayers & Procedures of working with Santa Muerte., Questions and or Comments

Candle Fixing Workshop with Sara

Learn The History of Candles, Equipment & Safety, Candle Making Etiquette, Waxes & Wicks, Fragrances, Colors & Correspondences, Spiritual Oils, The Spiritual Procedures of Candle Making & Fixing.

Using a pendulum with Acacia
Ways to use and how to create your own.

Ho’oponopono for internal peacemaking with Ruatha
Let’s explore this traditional Hawaiin peacemaking practice and how to use it as a personal shamanic journey.

Christianity: The Good, the Bad, and the Sexy with Ruatha
Come share your experiences, listen to others, and find out a few surprising facts about ancient Jewish laws about sex, or rather, some lack of laws.

Energy Dojo with Ruatha
Come practice energy work with us to Rejuvenate, Recalibrate, Explore new ways of sensing and using energy.

Voodoo Roots with Ruatha
Come and join a conversation about the African roots of voodoo practice as a community practice, including possession, zombies, sacrifices and curses. But fear not, we’ll also dispel some myths and the show the moral backbone of voodoo practice.

Peacock Feather Butterflies with Dea
She will be showing us how to make beautiful butterflies out of peacock feathers. All materials needed to make them will be supplied.

Aphrodite’s Temple (18 and older only) Workshops and ritual

Healing Trauma with Paul
In this workshop we will be discussing the nature of trauma, what causes it and some ways to identify and heal from it. I will be sharing some of the details from my life and giving others a chance to share examples from theirs if they feel driven to. We will discuss types of trauma and how they can affect us in ways that we might miss. Due to being a workshop dealing with sensitive healing work, once we begin, no late arrivals will be admitted. One volunteer for Guardian needed

Body Image Healing
Many people are searching for a deeper connection in erotica. This workshop is about touching and being touched erotically. We will work on exercises that awaken full body erotica and perform erotic body healing utilizing touch, breathing, PC muscle exercises, stretching, and exploration. Learn erotic communication skills and learn how to effectively set boundaries in a sex-positive manner. Bring a towel and a blanket or sleeping bag. If you plan to attend, please show up on time, as this is a closed workshop. Due to being a workshop dealing with sensitive healing work, once we begin, no late arrivals will be admitted.Temple

Temple Ritual:
Celebrating Samhain, The Third Harvest

As a Priestess of the Sacred Harlot in Aphrodite’s Temple, the Universe, Goddess, Creator, nature, or whatever you believe created human beings, provided human beings a gift. The gift is a body that is designed to both give and receive pleasure that can bring us to a state of ecstasy. In this ritual, we will honor and celebrate the gift of pleasure utilizing finger food, erotic sensations (optional participation and either solo or with partner(s)), massage (massage oil provided), or any pleasures that you would enjoy (bring materials if needed). Join us in celebrating the gift of pleasure. Bring a towel or blanket if you want to sit or lay on the ground.

(Any issues with Aphrodite’s Temple workshops and event are to be taken up with Gigi)

Ian Sunrise Wolf

Other Activities

Haunted Trail
We will be doing the Journey through Underworld this event. Volunteers for working the trail are welcome

Fundraiser Auction
This is a fundraiser to raise money for land projects, Land Dragon maintenance and more.


Bohemian Gothic
Clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Herbal tinctures

Boyd with his wood workings

Gott with some of painted Items, tarot cards , books, scrying mirrors, still have old rune sets, and assorted things.

Medusa Trading Co.-Purveyor of Exotic & Eclectic Goods
At Medusa, she takes pride in seeking out unique and historically inspired items. Her collection is gathered from around the world, and contains vintage and antique items, as well as clothing, jewelry and home goods that she has created.

ESPOT Food Vendor will be doing some meals, menu coming soon

Ria will not be able to join us after all. She will make sure that we receive any pre-ordered shirts and other, that has been already paid for.
more as they are confirmed …..

If you are interested in vending, hosting a workshop or ritual, please contact us at

Entry is
$50 online
$60 at the gate.
Veterans and active Military $40 at the gate
Children 17 and under are free, but must be accompanied by an adult guardian.

Pay online at

Come celebrate Samhain with us

Also look for our other events:

We are working on being able to celebrate the 8 Sabbaths on the Land. Watch for posts about these events

Most of our events are family friendly and the kids are free to help families to be able to attend together.

2nd Sat Community, Drumming and Work Weekend

We do these every month, depending on the weather, and we welcome members and non-members to join us.

Those wishing to help with the land are welcome to come out Fri evening and set up their tents. We work Sat. and Sun. mornings. Sat evening we do a potluck meal and have fun. For those that are coming out just for the evening, camping is encouraged.

Next one in Nov