Earth Spirit People of Texas

Due to our previous server failing, this is our new website. Please be patient with us as we re-create and update our new site.

Festival tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at or at the check-in station, when you arrive.

Tickets are $50 online and $60 at the gate and include the 6 month membership fee of $10. We also offer a military/veteran discount $40 at the gate with Military/VA ID or other proof of military service. Children 17 and under are free, but must have an adult Guardian with them.

Our upcoming event is:

Located at 520 Red Rock Ranch Road, Red Rock, TX

In these troubled times, we need to find a way to come together safely. With this in mind, we are still having a live event, but asking our members to remain cautious.

We have set up hand-washing stations in Faerie Lounge and at the Flushies. We ask that our members wear masks in the public area, exceptions are at your personal camps or among your “Quarantine Pod.” If you can’t do a mask, at least wear a veil over your nose and mouth

We also ask that if you are sick, may have been exposed to COVID-19 in the last 14 days, or are running a fever, Please do not attend.

We will be checking temperatures at the gate.

With that being said, here are some of the things planned for the event.

Guest speaker will be Oberon Zell

(Virtually, but we hope to have it where people can interact with him) He will be talking to us about the History of the Pagan community here in the states.


Broom Making with Acacia

We did this at Mabon and it has been requested that we do another one. Please bring ribbons and other decorations to decorate the broom when it is finished. We will be using the Bluestem grasses that grow out at Dragonz Wylde.

Acceptance Workshop with Acacia and other Board members of ESP: This is more of a discussion about what acceptance can mean in the pagan community.

Grounding workshop with Malibu, Orlando and Acacia

Weird Spirits Explorations with Ruatha and MoonSong

Discoveries and interpretations. Listen and share stories about spirits and the spirit world.

Inner Demons Reclaim your power with Ruatha:

Augment your power. Remove blocks on your path. A discussion of shamanic journeying, healing, and shadow work. We’ll examine the nature of the darkest parts of ourselves, and I’ll share my own experiences. NOTE: This will not include a shamanic journey since these journeys are highly personal and should be done in a one-to-one setting with an experienced healer.

Old Faith with Ruatha:

What is the role of faith in modern paganism? How can we reclaim old world value systems? We’ll compare the wholistic view of religion before and after western philosophy to better understand out ancestors values.

Tai Chi Magick with Ruatha:

Move your body, energy and mind to invigorate, rejuvenate, and integrate magick into your every fiber. With COVID in mind, we’ll focus largely on boosting your immune system.

Pumpkin Carving
While we will have some donated pumpkins, anyone else wishing to add to them would be appreciated. This is mostly for the kids, but if there is enough, adults are welcome too. If your kids are carving pumpkins, we ask that at least one parent be there to assist them.

Herbal Magick with Sirce


We will be using our “House” Bands

Ian and Dara

Toby Stell


Opening ritual:

With ESP Staff

Healing ritual for Moonsong
Shamanic style healing ritual for one of our members. With a Circle of protection, to remove bad stuff, then fill and seal
the holes, ending with an “alchemy” to convert toxins to helpful energy.
Those wishing to help with this, are welcome to attend, but must bring silver jewelry to wear on your hand/wrist.

Main Ritual:

With ESP Staff

Closing Ritual:

With ESP Staff

Sacred Play Sat. night:

“Dinner with the Gods”

Join us Sat. night at the Faerie Lounge as we invite Deities to join us for an informal dinner. Member are encouraged to bring their evening meal and gather as you would in a restaurant, with distancing between different camps. We will ask several gods to join us and we will be able to interact with them, informally. You are welcome to bring a food or drink offering to the gods.

Expected Deity guest list is: Dumuzzi, Cernunnos, Bastet, Morrigan, Elohim, Angrboda, and Anubis

Special Events

Indian Tacos

Toby and Sheila will be celebrating their anniversary. They are making and sharing Indian Tacos (Fry bread, taco meat, beans, tomatoes, onions, cheese…all taco toppings, just on Fry Bread) on Friday night.

Mask Contest

We will also be doing “Coolest/Badass” mask contest. Winner gets a ticket to Beltane



Jewelry, leather goods and more.

Dwarven Delectables (Food Vendor)-Cody:

From Cody, “I will be doing Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner service and ALL proceeds will go directly to the land, That’s right folks, you can support ESPOT by enjoying excellent food cooked by yours truly.”

He will be offering meal tickets and needs people to let him know if they are interested in these. Meal tickets are $12 each and good for the whole event. These can be purchased online with your ticket or paid at the gate or booth. Please note on your ticket purchase that you are adding the meal ticket. You can contact him on the ESP group page or on the event page under his post on the food.


Duck Eggs, Brownies, Jewelry, Jackets, Purses, Homemade Crafts

Tye-Dye Shirts with Allison (Belenor’s Niece)


As more is offered, we will update the info on this site. If you are interested in hosting a workshop, ritual or wanting to vend, contact us at

Vending Fee is $10 plus ticket for a 10×10 space, electric is a additional $10.


We will be limiting attendance to around 100 people, so please don’t say you are coming if you can’t.

Entry is $50 online and $60 at the gate. Those that purchased their tickets for Beltane 2020 still have a ticket for this event. Or, if you feel uncomfortable with attending, we will still hold your ticket for Beltane 2021. We also offer a military/veteran discount $40 at the gate with Military/VA ID or other proof of military service. As we are very family orientated, Children 17 and under are free, but must be accompanied by an adult guardian.

Out ticket price includes a 6 month membership ($10) to be renewed at Beltane.

You can pay online at or at the check-in station, when you arrive.

We would like to thank all of you that have been patient and not asked for your money back during this time. Our ticket sales go on property taxes and help us to keep Dragonz Wylde as our campgrounds.

With everyone’s corporation, We should be able to do an outdoor event safely.

Harvest Blessings, and stay safe.

 Workshop and Ritual Schedule for Samhain 2020

All Activities will be at Faerie Lounge unless otherwise noted

Thursday– gate times Noon till 7pm

Noon….. Gates open

4pm….. Opening ritual and dedication of Day of the Dead Altar

5pm….. Healing ritual for Moonsong………………………TBA

Dusk…. unofficial Sweat lodge starts……………………………..Epona’s Field

Dusk…..1st/Opening Fyre

Lost souls Tavern opens after Sweat Lodge

Friday-Gate times 10am-7pm

10am….. Tai Chi Magick with Ruatha

11am…..Old Faith with Ruatha

1pm…..Grounding workshop with Malibu, Orlando and Acacia

2pm…Herbal Magick with Sirce

3pm…Weird Spirits Explorations with Ruatha and MoonSong

4pm…Pumpkin carving

5pm….. TBA

6 pm….. Indian Tacos celebrating with Toby and Sheila

6:30pm. Music with Ian and Dara

Dusk….. Lighting of the 2nd Fyre

Saturday – Gate times 10am-7pm

10 am….. Tai Chi Magick with Ruatha

11pm….. Broom/Besom making Workshop with Acacia

1pm …Oberon

2pm….. Acceptance Disscussion with ESP Staff

3pm…..Inner Demons Reclaim your power with Ruatha

4pm….. Set up for the Play

5pm….. Dinner with the Gods – Sacred Play

7pm….. Music: Toby Stell

8pm….. Main Ritual

8:30pm.. Last Fyre/Witches’Ball

9pm….. Lost soul Tavern opens

Sunday– open gate

10am….. Tai Chi Magick with Ruatha

Noon….. Closing Ritual

1pm…..Board meeting/Festival debriefing….Dragon Fyre Camp


We will be looking to see who has the most original/coolest COVID safe mask and awarding that individual with a pass to the Beltane 2021 gathering Sat Night.

Day of the Dead Altar-on going through out festival, Mementos from departed Loved ones and Ancestors are welcome. They will need to be retrieved Sunday by closing Ritual.

Most workshops will be announced by the Crier or the workshop presenter. Masks and social distancing Protocols are expected. Any changes will be posted at Faerie and announced by the Crier

Lost Soul’s Tavern hour are posted as a courtesy to Sirce and is not an actual ESP event. Any issues with the Tavern are to be taken up with Sirce. COVID safety protocols are to be kept in mind when in the Tavern area.

Activities canceled or changed due to COVID concerns:

No Trick or Treating this year

Aphrodite’s Temple will not be in operation.

Haunted Trail will not be actively staffed. It will be lit on Sat night for those that wish to go through it, but you will have to call your own Ghouls this year.

Sweat Lodge, there will be an unofficial sweat lodge Thurs night, but it will be by invite only and limited to a few.


We ask everyone to be cautious. Wear your mask, Wash your hands. Social Distance.

No passing bottles, bring a cup or glass for sharing.

Air hugs for the most part outside your quarantine groups.

Let’s have fun, but do it safely and responsibly